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With Reclica You Can

Reclica is designed to help you practice more, practice wider & practice longer without going anywhere. Reclica makes your care omnipresent.

With Reclica, Be a Pioneer

Reclica is designed to help you offer clinical care to your patients wherever they are and from wherever you are. Reclica is a pioneer in remote clinical care.

Offer Convinience. Conviniently

Be it patients at home and you on a beach. Use any device connected to internet to consult with your patients. Reclica is responsible & responsive.

Be Real & Virtual. Together

Reclica not only helps you consult using audio,video,phone,whatsapp & text formats, it helps you examine patients using devices virtually. Reclica is real telemedicine.

Retain More, Refer Less

For patients, opinion matters. For you, patients matter. Use Reclica to help patients consult with referral centers from comfort of your own clinic. Reclica helps you retain more patients.

Impact Top-Line & Bottom Line

Be it a solo practice, polyclinic, giant hospital or an employer organization. Reclica is a telemedicine platform with a measurable ROI and clear business case for you. Reclica is all about you.

Be The Change

We are at a tipping point of convergence between medicine and technology. Today’s ‘virtual’ will become tomorrow’s ‘real’ channel for organizing, delivering, accessing & consuming healthcare. Omnipresence will become key differentiator for healthcare providers to thrive and sustain in future filled with technology.

Clinical case of telemedicine has been established over decades and its business case is becoming prominent with each passing day. Reclica is your partner to unlock the business case of telemedicine in your practice. Reclica is not just a website or an app, it’s a strategic roadmap for your practice going into the future.

Reclica is changing healthcare for better. Are you ready to embrace the change?

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