Five Core Principles of Telemedicine

Guiding Medical Practitioners to Do Telemedicine in the Right Way.

The 5C’s of Successful Telemedicine Practice

RECLICA is built around 5 core principles that are essential for building a successful telemedicine practice

1. Consent:

Consent is a core component of telemedicine. RECLICA ensures that an informed consent is obtained before your patient can book a consult with you. And this is not just first time, but everytime!

2. Case:

Success of teleconsultation increases with the extent of information available for you to review. More the better! RECLICA ensures and makes it easy for your patients to quickly provide as much information as possible in a structured case format.

3. Communication:

Democratization of communication channels is key to increase outreach of and access to telehealth. RECLICA enables use of 2 communication formats. Synchronous and asynchronous. Audio/video is synchronous format and you can either use RECLICA's proprietary video communication platform or any other third party channel of your choice such as WhatsApp or other similar apps. Text consult is a asynchronous format which allows you to think over a case before you reply or manage your minor, non-urgent follow-ups.

4. Compensation:

RECLICA ensures that you are compensated for your time spent consulting remotely. The built in payment gateway allows your domestic or overseas patients to pay using cards, net-banking or wallets & UPI. You get a full transaction history in your account with business analytics. So no need to waste time in maintaining seperate books or tracking income as it will be only a click away!

5. Compliance:

RECLICA maintains digital repository of essential documentation related to your teleconsults which is expected from you as per guidelines. This includes record of telemedicine interactions (Patient records, reports, documents, images, diagnostics, chat/ text record, video interaction logs etc.) and the prescription records. These are available in your and patient’s secured dashboards, ensuring your compliance needs are met all the time.